• Fast and accurate filling, suitable for low viscosity liquid products like water, essential oil and more.
  • Fast and accurate filling, suitable for low viscosity liquid products like water, essential oil and more.
  • Easy to use controls for filling, manual, auto and changing dispensing volume are located at a convenient spot.
  • Easily change the dispensing volume on the Volumetric Filler SA 500
  • Foot pedal to start the filling cycle manually, instead of using hand.
  • Either press the start button or step on the foot pedal to start the filling process.
  • Volume control sticks for KSE Volumetric Fillers


  • Easy to adjust filling volume
  • Multiple process start options; start button, auto/manual mode or foot switch
  • Various nozzle designs available for different product requirement

Suitable for

  • Juice, milk, soy sauce and more
  • Fragrances, essential oil and more

How it works

The supply hose of the Volumetric Filler SA is inserted into the product holding container, hopper, tank, etc. Operator will have to prime the filler to remove all air bubbles from the product to ensure a smooth and consistent dispensed volume. 

The operator can adjust the container holder and filling nozzle height to ensure a nozzle is in the center of the opening of the bottle, container, etc. We will match the holder design according to the container the user is using. Having a good adjusted holder and nozzle will allow the operator to easily place the empty containers perfectly under the nozzle each time, allowing the production to be faster.

Next, the operator can opt for the desired volume stick and insert it into the filling machine via the change size selector switch. Changing dispensing volume can be done in under 10 seconds.

Users can start the filling cycle either manually or automatically. In manual mode, there are 2 ways to start; one by pressing the start button on the volumetric filler itself, another via the foot pedal on the floor. Both will activate 1 cycle of the filling process. In automatic mode, the filling cycle will repeat itself after a short interval.

Designed for low viscosity liquid, the dispensing is fast and accurate, it can fill a 330ml bottle in 6 seconds or so. There is an option for additional filling nozzle, making it a double filling nozzle variant.


Technical Specifications

Volumetric Filler SA 500 KSE-SA500-H
Filling range 50 to 500 ml
No. of filling nozzle 1
Nozzle diameter Depending on client's product
No. of volume sticks Depending on client's filling volume, so long it is within the filling range of the machine
Filling speed 9 to 10, 330ml bottles/min
Hopper capacity NA
Compressed air 6 bars 
Material for machine Stainless steel 304, 316 and Delrin
Weight 17 kg approximate
Dimensions (length x width x height in mm) 930 x 430 x 530


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Complimentary machines

  • Not available


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