• The 300 litres Multi Function Steam Cooker is a processed cheese cooker that can process, cook, heat, cool, mix, cut, blend and vacuum.
  • Multi Function Steam Cooker steam pipes
  • Typical Multi Function Steam Cooker setup with supporting equipments
  • Loader and wagon for Multi Function Steam Cooker
  • Product discharge from the Multi Function Steam Cooker bowl after processing.
  • Bowl side scraper to ensure products do not stick to the walls during cooking to prevent burning.
  • Interchangeable knives for different purposes on the Multi Function Steam Cooker
  • Multi Function Steam Cooker


  • 10 minutes to boil 100 litres of water
  • Direct steam injection and jacketed steam heating
  • Process or cook under vacuum, enclosed environment
  • Storable recipes with different cooking parameters
  • Full range of supporting accessories available

Suitable for

  • Processed cheeses - mozzarella, cheddar, spreadable cream cheese and more.
  • Asian and western sauces - sambal, oyster, ketchup, laksa, chilli and more
  • Confectionary spreads - flavoured jams, custard, cream, kaya, cheese cake, chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut spreads and more
  • Asian or western soups - tonkotsu ramen broth, bah kut teh, lobster bisque, cream of mushroom, spinach and more

How it works

The 300 litres Multi Function Steam Cooker is a multi function and usage processed cheese cooker that can do sauces, confectionary spreads, soups and more as well.

Able to process, cook, heat, cool, mix, cut, blend and vacuum. The various parameters can be controlled via the touch screen. 

Users can preload the ingredients into wagons, and load them into the MFSC using a lifting loader. Next user can select a saved recipe program, load it and start the cooking process. Once the cooking is done, the user can discharge the finished product into a wagon or transfer hopper.

The accordion below will explain further the various capabilities of the MFSC.


Core capabilities

1Direct steam heating
Steam is introduced directly inside the bowl to heat the product.
2Indirect steam heating
Steam circulates the jacketed bowl to indirectly heat the product inside.
Water circulates the jacketed bowl to indirectly cools the product inside.
4Water dosing
Dose a preset volume of water into the cooker bowl so you don't have to do it manually.
Creates a negative pressure environment, allowing products to cook faster.
Removes products from the side of the inner walls to prevent burning
3 options available; blunt, sharp and serrated. Allowing users to mix, cut or blend depending on the rpm.
8Standard program
Predefined cooking process flow with adjustable parameters.
9Custom program
User define cooking process flow and parameters, allowing full control and flexibility.
10Touch screen HMI
Touch screen interface allows user to easily use and edit all parameters and saved them. Password lock is available upon request to prevent unauthorised changes.
11Supporting accessories
We have wagons, lifting loader, hopper with transfer pump, filling and packing machines to compliment our MFSCs.

Technical Specifications

Multi Function Steam Cooker 300 KSE-MFSC300
Capacity 300 litres
Pressure range Vacuum -0.4 bars to atmospheric
Temperature Up to 115°C, depending on the medium
Heating Direct steam injection and jacketed steam heating
Cooling Ambient water temperature by default
User can opt for chill water as an add-on
Water dosing Flow meter
Scraper speed 12 to 18 rpm
Knives type Blunt, sharp, serrated
Knives speed 300 to 1,500 rpm
Bowl, bowl cover operation Mechanical

Compressed air

Operating voltage 3 phase, 113 amps, 415 V, 50 hz
Power consumption 65 kW/hr
Water Potable water
Compressed air 6 bars, constant
Steam 350 - 400 kg/hr, 4-6 bars
Material for machine Stainless steel 304 and 316
Weight 1913kg

Dimensions (length x width x height in mm)

2750 x 1400 x 2290


Machines or equipments that compliments the Multi Function Steam Cooker series


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