• A filling machine that dispenses medium to high viscosity products by volume
  • Simple and easy to use controls on the Volumetric Filler
  • Interchangeable nozzles for different product requirement
  • Volume control sticks for KSE Volumetric Fillers


  • Easy to adjust filling volume
  • Multiple process start options; start button, auto/manual mode or foot switch
  • Various nozzle designs available for different product requirement

Suitable for

  • Sauces - Sambal, chili, ketchup, and more
  • Gel or cream products
  • Confectionary spreads - Chocolate, strawberry, kaya, peanut butter and more

How it works

Product is added into the hopper attached to the Volumetric Filler PSA. The user will select the desired filling volume and the filling mode; either automatic or manual, and simply press the start button to run the process. In manual mode, the filling process will run 1 cycle and stop, while in auto mode it will run continuously with a short delay between each cycle. 

The user can opt to start the filling process with the start button or by stepping on the foot switch, either will work. 

The Volumetric Filler works similarly to a syringe; liquid is drawn into the body of the syringe and pushed out as the piston moves. The amount dispensed is indicated by the markings on the body of the syringe. But in the case of the Volumetric Filler, it is determined by the volume stick. Hence it is accurate and consistent in the volume dispensed. 

For products that do not flow well, we recommend adding an agitator to “scrap and push” the product off the sides of the hopper towards the center bottom. 

The design of the Volumetric Filler PSA is suitable for medium to high viscosity products. It can work well with containers, bottles, preformed bags and more.


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Technical Specifications

Volumetric Filler PSA 500 KSE-PSA500-H
Filling range 50 to 500 ml
No. of filling nozzle 1
Nozzle diameter Depending on client's product
No. of volume sticks Depending on client's filling volume, so long it is within the filling range of the machine
Filling speed 6 to 10, 500ml bottles/min
Hopper capacity 16 liters
Compressed air 6 bars 
Material for machine Stainless steel 304, 316 and Delrin
Weight 23 kg approximate
Dimensions (length x width x height in mm) 1100 x 340 x 660


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Complimentary machines

  • Not available


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