• Drum filling machine for 200 liters drums
  • Drum filling machine for 200 liters drums
  • Anti drip nozzle cover
  • Sensor to detect presence of drum to start the filling cycle
  • Indicator for drum filler
  • Load cell and roller conveyor of the drum filler
  • Load cell and roller conveyor of the drum filler
  • Cushioning at the end of the roller conveyor


  • 2 stage filling to ensure accuracy
  • Bottom to top filling or top filling mode available
  • Filling by weight with load cells
  • Anti drip nozzle cover
  • Roller conveyor
  • No drum no fill sensor
  • Drum guide to ensure pail is in position

Suitable for

  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Lubricants
  • Fragrances
  • Oils

How it works

The drum filler is first connected to the supply source, after connecting, the user can open a valve to allow the product to flow towards the drum filler.

The user will select the desired filling weight from the indicator and place an empty drum on the load cell. Using the drum guide to ensure the pail is sitting below the filling nozzle and the sensor will detect if there is pail or not. In the absence of a drum, the filling process is unable to start.

For products that tend to foam easily, users can opt for bottom to top filling in which the nozzle will follow very closely to the surface of the product as the product level rises to minimise the occurrence of foaming. There are 2 filling modes available; bottom to top and top filling.

Filling is done in 2 stages; 1st stage at high speed and the 2nd stage at a slower speed to ensure accuracy. The filling nozzle will retract to its home position and the anti drip cover will prevent any messy drips.

After the filling is done, the user can simply move the filled drum to the capping station effortlessly using the roller conveyor. 


Technical Specifications

Drum Filler KSE-DF208TBUF
Filling range up to 200kg
Filling output/hr 40 x 200L drums/hr (gravity feed)
50 to 60 x 200L drums/hr (pump feed)
No. of filling nozzle 1
Filling accuracy +/- 0.1%

Filling modes

Top fill
Bottom to top fill

Filling input options

Elevated IBC or storage tank for low viscosity products
Centrifugal pump and valves for low viscosity products
Positive displacement pump and bypass valve for high viscosity products


No drum no fill sensor
Drum guide
Roller conveyor
Anti drop nozzle cover
Bunk hole locking device to ensure the opening is directly below the filling nozzle
Height adjustable filling nozzle
Storable memories for multiple filling settings for easy recall
Filling data can be stored into SD card for recording and audit purposes (add on option)
Printer (add on option)

Scale capacity Up to 300 kg
Operating voltage Single phase, 15 amps, 230 V, 50hz
Compressed air 6 to 7 bars 
Compressed air consumption 30 liters/min
Material for machine Stainless steel 304, 316 and Delrin
Weight N.A
Dimensions (length x width x height in mm) 1450 x 990 x 2150


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