We move forward with our clients by providing automation through our machines to increase productivity & quality.


We have over 30 years of experience in designing and fabricating machinery for the preparation, processing and filling industry. Competition in every industry is common, coupled with the growing difficulty of hiring operational staffs.

The need to reduce operational cost and time while increasing productivity and profit margin are highly sought after.

As a provider of food machinery, we not only provide convenience to the operation, but more importantly, we seek to assist businesses to explore the possibilities of maximising their capabilities and resources. We also love to share our knowledge and know-hows of integrating our machines into the client’s operation to increase its efficiency and productivity.

We believe that every client’s need is different and requires various approaches and solutions.

Therefore, we emphasize on communicating and working with the client to best come up with feasible solution to their problem.

Conclusively, we offer single source responsibility.

We are an engineering company based in the sunny island, Singapore. We design and build our machines locally. Sourcing only the best quality raw materials and components to be in our machines.

Our team handles all the works to transform raw materials into fully functional production machines, all in Singapore!

Who Are We?

Our Belief

We believe that nothing is perfect, thus constantly we are looking for ways to innovate and improve our existing machines to better serve our clients.

The experiences we gather over the years will help us greatly to build better machines. This is why we love to work with our clients!

Our Services


We source our materials and components locally, ensuring only the best is used.

Everything is then process, fabricate and assemble at our factory.


Over 30 years of experience in designing, fabricating and integrating machines.

We are most willing to part what we know.


We offer custom solutions and designs to the client as everyone is unique.

We want them to have the best possible solution for their problems.

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