About Us

Little things people usually ask about us
  • AWho are we?

    We are Kong Shiang Engineering Pte Ltd or KSE for short.
  • BWhere are we from?

    We are from sunny island Singapore.
  • CWhat do we do?

    We design and build machines for the food industry in South Asia primarily, we have clients in the petrochemical industry as well.
  • DHow long have you been around?

    We have been around for more than 40 years since establishment.
  • EWhat sort of machines do you have?

    We have machines that covers the preparation, processing, packing and filling aspect of food manufacturing or production.
  • FWhere are your machines from?

    They are from Singapore! We design and build them in Singapore with raw materials and components sourced from local suppliers or distributors. We use components from established brands from Europe or Japan mostly. So clients overseas will not have to worry about part replacement as they can easily procure them in their country.
  • GAm I able to view or test your machines?

    Yes of course! We highly encourage you to view/test the machines with your products to see if it is suitable or not. That way we can make better recommendation or adjustment to cater to your requirements.
  • HWhat is the process of ordering to receive a machine like?

    After the viewing/testing stage, we will issue a quotation for the machine(s) the client is interested in. Once the client confirms the order, a 40% deposit invoice will be issued. The machine will only be built after the 40% deposit is received and confirmed by us. After the production and internal FATs are done, we will reach out to the client. Clients can come by to inspect and test the machine(s), once satisfied, we will issue the 60% balance invoice. Once the balance is received and confirmed, we will arrange delivery and have the machine shipped over to the client.
  • ILocal and oversea clients

    For local clients, delivery and commissioning is free. We absorb the costs to support local businesses. For oversea clients, the delivery and commissioning is billable as the transport etc costs are much higher.
  • JHow long is the lead time on the average for a machine?

    Typically for smaller units the lead time ranges from 8-10 working weeks, while the larger ones ranges from 3-6 working months to complete.
  • KWhat about service and repair for the machine bought?

    We have a dedicated service and maintenance mobile number which all clients will receive when the machine has been commissioned. Users can send pictures or videos for us to troubleshoot or arrange for us to make a site visit to rectify any issue. The mobile number is manned all times during working hours so client can have as little down time as possible.
  • LDo you have any social media?

    Yes we do, visit our Facebook at fb.com/KSEsg or our YouTube at youtube.com/@KSEsg
  • MWhere is your office?

    We are located at 3015 Ubi Road 1, #01-236, Singapore 408704
  • NHow can I contact you?

    You can drop us an email at enquiry@kse.com.sg or call us at +65 6747 0269.