• A mobile, automatic grilling machine for satay, yakitori and more.
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  • Automatic Griller - KSE-GL40M/T
  • ezGrippers on the Automatic Griller
  • Inserting raw stay into the Automatic Griller
  • Automatic Griller - KSE-GL40M/T
  • Finished perfectly grilled yakitori skewers from the Automatic Griller


  • 100% grilled in under 5 minutes
  • 650°C maximum temperature
  • 3 grilling speeds; slow, medium and fast

Suitable for

  • Satay or saté
  • Yakitori and kushiyaki
  • Sausages, hotdogs, fishballs, meatballs and more

How it works

The Automatic Griller is a automatic grilling machine for satay, yakitori or any on-stick skewers, it is designed to completely and automatically grill your skewers in just 1 round. 

The operator clips the skewers onto the grippers and the automatic grilling machine will do the rest of the grilling. The skewers will go through 2 rows of heaters, which the temperatures can be preset differently or the same. Ceramic heaters allow for even and thorough heat penetration through the meat, ensuring the internal temperature is above 75°C or more.

The maximum temperature is 650°C and there are 3 grilling speeds; slow, medium and fast. The combination allows the user to switch between different products of varying thickness, width etc.

After the grilling is done, the skewers will automatically drop into a container below. Once filled, the operator can just replace it with an empty one.


Technical Specifications

Automatic Griller (mobile) KSE-GL40M
No. of grippers 38
No. of ceramic heaters 16
Temperature range Up to 650°c
Time to heat till 650°c 6 minutes
Time to cool till room temperature 45 minutes
Slow speed 5 minutes, up to 450 sticks/hr
Medium speed 4 minutes, up to 650 sticks/hr
Fast speed 3 minutes, up to 850 sticks/hr
Operating voltage 3 phase, 20 amps, 415 V, 50 hz
Power consumption 7 kw/hr
Material for machine Stainless steel 304 and 316
Weight 134kg
Dimensions (length x width x height in mm) 1200 x 630 x 1280


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