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Automatic Skewer

This week we will be introducing our very own Automatic Skewer machine.

In previous weeks, we covered Vacuum Tumbler, which is an excellent machine for marinating meat prior to cooking.

The Automatic Skewer machine skewers the meat with bamboo sticks automatically. Suitable for satay, yakitori or any on-stick product. Churning out approximately 1,000 sticks/hour.

Automatic Skewer - Automatic skewer for satay, yakitori and other on stick products.

The machine feeds the bamboo skewers automatically thorough the product while the conveyor moves.

Traditionally, satay, yakitori etc are skewered by hands. The process is slow and long as the skewers are pointed on 1 end, one will have to exercise caution when hand skewering, if not he/she might get injured.

With our Automatic Skewer, the user will only have to place the meat onto the blue coloured moulds. And the machine will finish the rest.

Simpler, safer and faster.

Next week, we will cover more on the various features of the machine in depth. While waiting, why not check out the full video on how the Automatic Skewer works on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL-Ot5CczLw.


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