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Who are we?

We are Kong Shiang Engineering or KSE for short.

We design and build machines for the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry primarily, right here in Singapore. Covering the various processes commonly like preparation, cooking, filling and more. 

Why use machine?

Machine allows for consistency, increased quality, quantity and also reliability. It serves to aid people and not replace them in their day to day operations. For example, mundane task like filling bottles with your product can be easily done in less than half the time. But yet the consistency and accuracy of the fill is not compromised.

Servo Hose Pump – Sanitary, hygiene filling machine with high accuracy.

Our website www.kse.com.sg features machine that are our standard built. We also offer customised machine for our clients, since not every business have the exact same requirements. We often modify our existing machine, if not we will design and build one from scratch. Few customised machines done in the past for Otah (a popular local food), Bak Kwa (or 肉干) and more. We automate the entire grilling process for our client. Operator just have to load the uncooked otah or bak kwa on to the conveyor and the machine will do the grilling and deliver the grilled product at another end.

Our capabilities

These are just few of the things KSE does for our client. We have our own welding and machine centers, allowing us to have in-house production capabilities.

Software program for our machines are also developed by us or collaboration efforts with our suppliers to deliver updated, efficient operating system to our end users.

Our commitment

We do not believe in stagnation. Our machines goes through constant reviews and changes to adapt, and meet the ever changing landscape of the F&B industry and work force. 

Which is why we often invite our clients to visit us with their products to trial on our machines to see its suitability or if there is a need to modify to suit. It is often during trials that client can experience our machine first hand and understand how it can help in their operations. It is also through the trials that we determine if the machine need further modification or it can be used as it is for them. 

Using machines for any operation means breaking the traditional work flow and adjusting for the new inclusion. Hence, we at KSE provides not only installation and training, we work with our clients to redesign or optimise their existing work flow to cater for new changes. Operators will be briefed and trained to handle our machine like operating, cleaning and maintenance.

After sales

We put emphasis on our after sales support. Basing in Singapore, we have set up a dedicated mobile number that handles all service and maintenance request from our clients both local and overseas. With technologies, many are using Whatsapp or some form of digital messaging platform which really facilitate how information is shared between people. 

Often clients will send in images or videos of the issues they faced with our machine and we will be able to almost immediately attend or rectify their problems. If not we can arrange for our team to attend in the next available timing (for Singapore only). For overseas clients, we will liaise with them and fly our team over as well.


We are not the best, but will always strive to be. Not only with our machine, but also our service and performance.

Machines proudly design and build in Singapore!


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