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Vacuum Tumbler – Part 2

Last week we introduced Vacuum Tumbler and what it does.

This week we shall be covering “Vacuum” and “Tumble”, 2 aspect that makes the vacuum tumble machine such a great piece of equipment to have in the production.

“Vacuum” – An enclosed environment that has no matter within. We are not that extreme to use a full blown vacuum. The vacuum tumbler instead creates a “partial vacuum” environment where the pressure within is lower than that of the atmospheric pressure outside. This means that objects within the partial vacuum will expand due to the lessening of pressure.

Take a look at this video on YouTube for a clearer understanding:

The marshmallows expands due to the drop in pressure. What this experiment shows is that when the meat in the vacuum tumbler experiences partial vacuum, it expands as well. During its expansion, the pores of the meat enlarges as well. Allowing marinade to enter the meat easily. What happens when the vacuum is released? The meat shrinks back due to the return of the pressure to atmospheric level. The pores shrinks as well, effectively locking in any marinade that has entered into the meat, trapping it inside.

This method of marination allows the meat to be marinated with results comparable or superior to traditional overnight marinating process. Typically vacuum marinade only requires under 2 hours depending on the quantity.

The process of expansion and contraction tenderises the meat further.

“Tumble” – To move, rotate objects within the bowl of the vacuum tumble. In order to efficient expose all the meat to the marinade, we will have to move and mix them around. Using a mechanised rotating metal arm, the vacuum tumbler rotates the meat round and round in a continuous manner within its bowl. This allows the meat and marinade to interact with one another more efficiently. Also during the rotation, at the “12 o’clock” position of the rotation, the meat will drop back to the bottom of the bowl via gravity. The impact of the drop pounds the meat, making is more tender.

Hence when coupled with vacuum, the meat is even more tender. In conclusion, vacuum allows marinade to penetrate deeper and tumbling allows the marinade, meat to mix efficiently while making the meat tenderer by undergoing “massage”.

Advantages of using vacuum tumbling machine not only stops there. By reducing marinating duration to under 2 hours, you can easily do fresh, on the spot marination for the days’ stock. Allowing you to cater to any sudden increase in the demand for your product.

Also, after marinating via the vacuum tumbler, the meat product will be slightly larger as it contains the marinade within. Hence in comparison with a pre-marinated meat, it will be slightly bigger in comparison.

And lastly, the marinades are mostly absorbed into the meat after the process. Users are reported to use up to 30% lesser marinade as compared to traditional methods. This results in more cost saving in the long run.

To end things off, do visit our Vacuum Tumbler for more information!

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Thank you very much! Stay tune for more to come!


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