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Tabletop Skewer machine

The smaller, electrically operated and table top size skewering machine. Easily fitting into any production space to increase productivity and quality of your satay, yakitori or any skewered product.

Meat skewered on moulds

Small and compact

Tabletop Skewer machine was developed with space and ease of use in mind. The design was adapted to fit small and cramp spaces. Space is a luxury in most production area. Having a compact machine that doesn’t takes up much space, and yet able to boost production is plus point for many.

Electrically operated

Not only that, we even removed the need for compressed air. The Tabletop Skewer machine runs only on a single phase electrical supply. You can just plug the machine into any socket and start using it. Simple and fuss free.

Slower since its smaller?

You may be wondering, then how about the skewering output then? Since it’s smaller, will the output be lower as well?

Easy to remove and install mould set

Assuming the product are all loaded onto the moulds, the defaulted cycle time for loading, skewering and unloading is approximately 20 seconds/tray. Each tray houses 6 moulds, giving it around 18 skewered sticks/min. We are looking at potentially, 1080 sticks per hour.

Tabletop Skewer machine - KSE-ST18

But of course, if we factor in the actual production that figure is going to vary. Hence the important factor is how fast the tray are filled up prior to skewering.

Nonetheless, everyone product is different, thus we always encourage our client to bring down their product and test it with our demo unit to see themselves how the machine works. That way we can better identify if there is a need to modify the machine to better suit their product.

Watch the full video of the machine in action here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GSwjA5eW2o

Next week…

We will be introducing our filling machine range. Stay tune!


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