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Processing (cooking) series

Starting this week, we are going to kick off introduction to our range of processing machines. Processing or cooking machine greatly assist in the production of food and beverage. By utilising technology to decrease cooking time, while increasing yield, is something that every company wants.

Our cooking series is heat base processing. Using various technology and hardware to heat up the product. I.e, any product that requires heat to cook can be process with our machine.

Instead of using traditional way of heating, i.e fire, we use various technology like ceramic heaters which can reach 650℃ in under 5 minutes to steam that can be used directly or indirectly. Or even metal heating element embedded with the tank water reservoir to provide indirect heating.

The various heat methods are far superior than heating via fire. Not only are they cleaner, they are also faster and more efficient in heating your product to the desired temperature in a much lesser amount of time. Translating to more production yield, lesser utility used, and lesser maintenance.

So stay tune to our upcoming post of our processing series!


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