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Weight Filler machine

The Weight Filler fills or dispenses liquid, paste, cream or oil products accurately via weight.


The Weight Filler machine fills liquid, paste, cream or oil products accurately and fast via wright.

For example, if a user enters 1,000g, the Weight Filler will dispense a total of 1,000g. It will not stop until the set weight is achieved. 

To achieve a high accuracy rate, the filling is done in 2 stages. The 1st stage is done at a higher rate, dispensing 90% of the preset weight and the 2nd stage will be done at a lower rate, dispensing the remaining weight until it reaches the preset weight. The accuracy is around +/- 1% range.

The key advantage of using weight is that it does not matter what sort of product, the density or volume you are filling with, the Weight Filler will dispense it until the preset weight is achieved. Making it very flexible and useful.

How it works

Coming Soon.


Accurate filling

Using precision load cells to detect the change in weight, the Weight Filler is able to dispense your product accurately as per your set weight. The various parameters can be stored into the system’s HMI for future use.

We have able to cater to

  • Volume of hopper
  • No. of filling head
  • Nozzle tip design

Suitable for

  • Asian & Western sauces – Ketchup, Chilli, Oyster, Mayonnaise and more
  • Asian & Western soups – Ramen, Bah Kuet Teh, Chicken stock, Cream of spinach and more
  • Pastes – Laksa, Mee Siam, Chilli, Kaya and more

Technical Specifications

Filling volumemaximum 70kg (customisable)
Filling temperature10 to 100 °C
No. of filling nozzle1
Filling speedadjustable range
Hopper holding capacity16 litres (default) (customisable)
Operating powerSingle phase, 240V, 50Hz
Compressed air6 bar (min), constant
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Dimension (L x W x H)700mm x 500mm x 1400mm


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