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Volumetric Filler PSA 250ml

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Volumetric Filler PSA machine

Volumetric Filler PSA is pneumatically operated, volumetric filling machine suitable for medium to high viscosity product.


The Volumetric Filler is a filling machine that dispenses products by volume. The PSA range is designed for medium to high viscosity products.

It works in theory the same as a syringe would; the product is sucked into the chamber via a drawback action of the piston until the chamber is filled or the desired volume is drawn. Then it is pushed out via the piston in the opposite direction. Hence what volume drawn is the same volume dispensed.

Different filling volumes can be easily adjusted by changing volume sticks. Volume sticks of different length can be tailored in accordance to the client’s requirement, for example, 25ml, 100ml and 250ml. 

A variety of nozzle tips are available for a diverse range of products out there in the market.

The Volumetric Filler has manual or automatic filling mode for the convenience of the operator. Foot pedal is also available for users to operate via a step of their feet. 

Comes with a 16 liters hopper as the default option.

How it works


Interchangeable dispensing volume

Volume sticks of different length can be changed to control the amount dispensed. Clients will provide us information on the desired volume and we will customise the volume sticks in accordance.

Variety of nozzle tips

We have many nozzle tip designs for the various products out there. As different products will require different tips to prevent drip after filling, or allow better and faster product flow, and more.


250ml model

Volumetric Filler (250ml) - Pneumatic filling machine for liquid, cream, paste or oil product.

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2000ml model

Volumetric Filler (2000ml) - Pneumatic filling machine for liquid, cream, paste or oil product.

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We have able to cater to

  • No. of filling head – 1 or 2 filling head
  • Hopper capacity (Default is 16 liters)

Suitable for

  • Medium to high viscosity product
  • Paste, gel, cream, syrup, honey, etc

Technical Specifications

Filling volume50 to 250ml
Filling temperature25 to 100 °C
No. of filling nozzle1 (option to have 2)
Nozzle diameterdependant on client’s request
No. of volume sticksdependant on client’s request, for example, 25ml,100ml, up to 250ml max.
Filling speed10-14 x 250ml/min
Hopper capacity16 liters (customisable)
Compressed air6 bar (min), constant supply
Materials for machineStainless steel 304 and 316
Dimension (L x W x H)950mm x 320mm x 640mm


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