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Tabletop Skewer machine

Still using hands to skewer your satay or yakitori?

Try our Tabletop Skewering machine today.

Skewers your Satay, Yakitori or any on-stick product automatically, but small and space saving.


Design to reduce time and labour compared to skewering by hand.

Capable of reaching up to 900 sticks per hour.

Meat or your product are loaded manually onto the mould tray set which consist of 6 individual moulds. Which is loaded onto the conveyor for skewering.

The system will go through a cycle of skewering 6 pieces and stop, the operator will then remove the skewered tray set and place a un-skewered set onto the conveyor and repeat the process.

Each cycle is approximately 20 seconds, covering loading, skewering and unloading.

Space is often a consideration especially so in high rental times. Hence our Tabletop Skewer machine is designed to be small and compact, easily fitting into any small space. Running on only a single phase electrical supply, the machine can even be used at any location.

Mould are customisable according to your product specification.

How it works

Tabletop Skewer machine - KSE-ST18

The entire cycle from loading, skewering to unloading takes approximately 20 seconds.

Full Video

Check out the full video of our Tabletop Skewer machine in action!

Tabletop Skewering machine - KSE-ST18


Precise skewering of product

Our mould design is fabricate based on your product specification, to ensure the bamboo skewers the product in the center. Skewering in the center is critical to ensure that during the grilling process, the meat when rotated will have even exposure to the heat.

Cooking evenly not only ensures the meat gets cook in a shorter amount of time, it also prevents overcooking. Meat will dry out from overcooking as moisture is lost as the meat shrinks.

Easy to remove & install mould set

Made from food grade material, the moulds are strong and safe.

Easily removed and installed, cleaning is a breeze.

Each set comes with 6 individual moulds for your product.


Hot dog, sausage, etc

Meatball, fishball, etc

Satay, thin meat skewer etc

Kebab, long meat skewer, etc

Yakitori, kushiyaki, etc

Customised mould designs

The moulds showcased are designs previously done up for existing clients to cater to their requirements.

We have mould designs for

  • Satay
  • Yakitori
  • Kebab with capsicum
  • Hot Dog
  • Fish ball

Suitable for

  • Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb satay
  • Yakitori variety
  • Kebab
  • Basically anything that needs skewering

Technical Specifications

Skewering speed400 to 900 sticks/hour
No. of moulds1 top, 4 set of 6 moulds
Operating voltageSingle phase, 13amps, 230V AC, 50Hz
Material for mouldsDelrin
Materials for machineStainless Steel 316 (contact with food), Stainless Steel 304 (non-contact with food)
Dimension (L x W x H)700mm x 650mm x 560mm


Download the PDF file here!

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