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Servo Hose Filler

Looking for sanitary and hygiene filling machine?

Try our Servo Hose Filler today.

Servo Hose Filler is an unlimited and precise filling machine for sensitive or requires highly hygiene filling.


Peristaltic pump together with servo motor technology, we are able to control the precision of the filling. Not only that, we can also control the speed and product splash.

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top considerations for this machine. During the entire filling process, the product is never in contact with anything but the platinum cured silicon hose. The hose can be remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Our Servo Hose Filler can save multiple product filling data into its system. As every individual product has different viscosity and weight, it is hard to fill without having to do major adjustment. With our filler, calibration can be done within 5 seconds. And the data can be save via the touch screen interface for future use.

Anyone can use the filler easily.

How it works

Peristaltic pump, driven via servo technology to precisely fill your product.


Accurate and fast filling

Using servo technology, we are able to achieve a very accurate fill. The rotating head creates suction within the hose, drawing product from the supply and fills into container on the nozzle end.

The filling amount can be easily controlled via the touch screen panel. Every settings can be save into the system memory, allowing user to reuse them anytime.

Hygiene and sanitary filling

Using peristaltic pump driven by servo technology, we use platinum cured silicon, a medical grade tubing in our Servo Hose Filler to ease our user concern of hygiene and sanitary issues during any filling process.

The hose is the only point of contact during the filling. Hose can be remove after each operation for proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure everything is up to standard.


Single head model

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Double head model

Servo Hose Pump - Sanitary, hygiene filling machine with high accuracy.

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We have able to cater to

  • No. of filling head – 1 or 2 filling head
  • Length of tubing

Suitable for

  • Low to medium viscosity liquid, oil or cream
  • Perfume, fragrance oil, hand cream, etc.

Technical Specifications

Filling volumeunlimited
Filling temperature5 to 40 °C
No. of filling nozzle1 or 2 (customisable)
Filling speedadjustable, max 350 rpm
Filling accuracy+/- 0.7ml
Operating powerSingle phase, 240V, 50Hz
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Material for tubePlatinum cured silicon
Dimension (L x W x H)680mm x 300mm x 550mm (1 head)


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