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Peristaltic Pump Filler

The Peristaltic Pump Filler is a filling machine that uses peristaltic pump to accurately transfer or dispense liquids. Filling volume is timer based, i.e the longer the timer, the more volume is dispensed. 


Peristaltic Pump Filler is suitable for small to medium volume filling or dispensing which requires accuracy, sanitary or both.

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top considerations for this machine. During the entire filling process, the product is never in contact with anything but the platinum cured silicone hose. The hose can be removed separately for cleaning and maintenance.

Peristaltic pump with our software programming is able to achieve a good accuracy of +/- 1% range. 

This particular model is a timing based filling. The peristaltic pump will run for a set duration and will stop once the timer stops. For example, if 10 seconds gives you 300ml, 20 seconds will give 600ml, etc.

The rate of dispensing can also be adjusted via a control on the filling machine.

This design allows for the Peristaltic Pump Filler to be priced more affordably.

How it works

Peristaltic pump in action.

GIF is a sample, not the actual machine.


Highly accurate filling

Peristaltic pumps are commonly use in the medical or processes which requires accurate dosing. Our Peristaltic Pump Filler is able to dose as low as 5ml.

The design is also non-drip by nature, user do not have to worry about messy filling.

Hygiene and sanitary filling

Using peristaltic pump driven by servo technology, we use platinum cured silicon, a medical grade tubing to ease our user concern of hygiene and sanitary issues during any filling process.

The hose is the only point of contact during the filling. Hose can be remove after each operation for proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure everything is up to standard.


Single head model

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Double head model

Servo Hose Pump - Sanitary, hygiene filling machine with high accuracy.

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We have able to cater to

  • Length of tubing

Suitable for

  • Low to medium viscosity liquid or oil
  • Hand sanitiser, Perfume, fragrance oil, etc.

Technical Specifications

Filling volumeadjustable, max 150rpm
Filling temperature5 to 40 °C
No. of filling nozzle1 or 2 (customisable)
Filling speedadjustable, max 350 rpm
Filling accuracy+/- 1-2ml depending on product
Operating powerSingle phase, 240V, 50Hz
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Material for tubePlatinum cured silicon
Dimension (L x W x H)460mm x 255mm x 420mm


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