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Multi Function Steam Cooker (408M)

Thinking of manufacturing sauce, soup or paste products?

Try our Multi Function Steam Cooker today.

Multi Function Steam Cooker 408M is a 400 liters batch cooker capable of handling sauce, soup and paste products.


Our cooker uses steam directly or indirectly, with vacuum to process or cook your product.

This particular model does not have mixing/cutting blades, but instead it features a micro cutting system. The reason being it is more efficient and consistent to process a large volume this way.

The 408M touch screen controls allow user to easily configure the various parameters such as temperature, duration, water dosing, etc. These data can then be save into the system for future use.

How it works

Using “Direct Steam Injection” method, the steam is directly introduced into the product within the bowl. The product absorbs heat from the steam directly and thus heating is a lot faster. But this method will result in extra moisture from condensation, which can be resolve by doing a condensate testing to balance the required moisture.

The scraper will allow your product to be mix homogeneously. Heat will be distributed evenly and thoroughly.

*note – this model does not have mixer/cutting blades

Pro – Very fast and efficient heating.
Con – Steam must be filtered and regulated to ensure consistent, clean and dry steam.

“Jacketed Steam Heating” works using thermal heat transfer principle. Steam circulates round the jacketed walls of the bowl, heating the bowl surface up. The heat is transferred to the products within the bowl. It is similar to cooking with a pot or pan.

This method is slower as it is indirect heating. But this method, allows you to stir fry or fry your ingredients within the bowl as there is zero moisture from the steam. We all know oil and water don’t go well together. You can sauté your ingredients before processing them further into a paste like form.

Pro – Able to stir fry or fry your ingredients, will not add extra moisture into your product.
Con – Slower heating time.


Fast and consistent processing

Every processing parameters can be save into the MFSC system, allowing user to reuse them anytime. Parameters such as temperature, mixing speed, vacuum, water dosing, etc.

Only the best in our machine

We use only the best raw materials and components in our machine. Our fabrication process is also carefully inspected to ensure it conforms to our standard. We want only the best for our client.


R&D model

Multi Function Steam Cooker (Pilot 12) - Processed cheese cooker. Ideal for sauce, soup and paste products as well.

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200 liters model

Multi Function Steam Cooker (308M) - Processed cheese cooker. Ideal for sauce, soup and paste products as well.

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We have able to cater to

  • Capacity
  • Water or oil dosing or both
  • Steam preparation unit
  • Steam generator or boiler

Suitable for

  • Asian & Western sauce – Ketchup, Chilli, Oyster, Mayonnaise and more
  • Asian & West soup – Ramen, Bah Kuet Teh, Chicken stock, Cream of spinach and more
  • Paste – Laksa, Mee Siam, Chilli, Kaya

Technical Specifications

Batch capacity400 liters
Working pressure rangeVacuum (-0.4bar) to Pressured (1.5bar)
Working temperature115 °C
Heating methodDirect steam injection and Jacket steam heating
Micro cut system2,000 rpm
Bowl side scrapper speed12 - 20rpm
Operating voltage3 phase, 415V, 50Hz
Power consumption50kW, 63 amps, requires 100 amps MCB
Compressed air6 bar (minimum), constant
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Dimension (L x W x H)3050mm x 2000mm x 2500mm


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