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Kettle Mixer machine

Kettle Mixer is a double jacketed heating tank with mixer for agitation, excellent for sauce, soup cooking.


The Kettle Mixer is a cooking machine with a mixer unit suitable for soup, sauce, medicine or any liquid based products that requires heat and mixing.

There are 2 heating options, using electric heaters or steam supply. Electric heaters heat up water in the double jacketed walls and the heat is transferred to the product via thermal conduction. While steam coming from the generator or boiler will also heat the product via thermal conduction through the double jacketed walls.

Electric heaters are built into the machine, while the steam model requires an additional steam generator or boiler to work. So there are pros and cons with both heating options.

For mixing or agitation, there is a “U” shaped scraper that covers the bottom and sides of the Kettle Mixer machine. The mixing speed can be adjusted as per the user’s requirement. The mixing also allows the products inside to be more homogenous and ensures the heating is spread evenly as well.

Temperature and duration of the cooking process can be preset by the users. Once the timer reaches the set value, it will stop and an alarm will sound to indicate the end.

Products can be discharged via a valve located at the bottom of the tank.

How it works

Coming Soon!



Agitator provides the mixing of products during the heating process. Allowing for better heat distribution and uniform mixing. The mixing speed is adjustable via the control panel.

Smart and Easy to use

Allows you to save multiple configured data for future use. Operators are also able to run the kettle mixer without them being present.

Our Smart program logic can start the machine running when the preset time is achieved. Operators can pre load the product into the kettle mixer and set the time for it to start, and everything else runs by itself.


We have able to cater to

  • Electricity or Steam heating
  • Capacity

Suitable for

  • Medicine
  • Soup
  • Liquid based products

Technical Specifications

Capacity500 litres
Operating voltage3 phase, 415V, 50Hz
Power consumption15kW, 30amps
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Dimension (L x W x H)1200mm x 1200mm x 1500mm


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