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Drum Filler machine

The Drum Filler is a filling machine by weight for drum of 200 litres, suitable for petrochemical, oil or liquid products.


The Drum Filler machine is a filling by weight machine for 200 litres drum. A weight is set by the users, and the machine will dispense the product until the preset weight is achieved. 

A 2 stage filling process ensures the accuracy of the filling is in the range of +/- 1%. 

The Drum Filler also features a dual filling mode, top or bottom to top. Top fill is filling from the top of the drum. While bottom to top filling starts at the bottom of the drum and moves upwards as the level of product rises. The nozzle is always positioned slightly above the product surface to minimise foaming as the product is being dispensed. Bottom to top filling mode is suitable for products that tend to foam.

Prior to any filling sequence, the system will zero any weight, so the final weight shown is the net weight of the product inside the tin or pail.

This particular model features conveyors to enhance the work flow. 

Users can opt to install printers as well to print each filling data for record and QC purposes. Data can also be stored into an SD card or sent remotely to a dashboard for users to view and collect.

How it works


Filling by weight

Product is dispensed into the 200 litres drum in 2 stages until the preset weight is achieved, the filling then will stop. The present weight can be viewed on the indicator display.


Anti drip nozzle cover that retracts and returns automatically after each fill to prevent dripping onto the surface of the drum. 


Drum in place sensor to detect if there is drum loaded. If there is no drum, the filling sequence is unable to start. 


Soft cushioning for the filled drums as they roll along the conveyor to the end, preventing toppling and scratches to the exterior. 

We have able to cater to

  • N2 blanketing
  • Printer add-on to print out filling data

Suitable for

  • Petrochemical
  • Oil
  • Liquid

Technical Specifications

Filling capacityup to 200kg
Filling speed1 200kg drum/min
Filling accuracy1 decimal place accuracy
Filling infeed optionselevated IBC, centrifugal pump and flow control valve for low viscosity media, positive displacement pump and bypass valve for high viscosity media
Filling typeWeight, load cell
Operating voltageSingle phase, 230V, 50Hz
Operating ampere15amps
Compressed air6 bar (min)
Compressed air consumption30 litres
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Dimension (L x W x H)1050mm x 950mm x 2250mm


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