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Automatic Griller (mobile)

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The Automatic Griller machine grills Satay, Yakitori or any on-stick product to perfection in just 1 round automatically.

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We use ceramic heaters that reach temperatures of 650 °C, with 3 grilling speed of slow, medium or fast. Automatic Griller will finish the grilling in just 1 round.

The shorten grilling time translate to juicer and tender product as it reduces the moisture lost compared to charcoal or fire grilling. 

Output of up to 850 sticks per hour in fast speed.

How it works


100% grilled in just one round

Our auto satay grill machine reaches up to 650°C and has 3 grilling speeds allowing it to completely grill your satay or yakitori in just 1 round.

Easy Grippers

Our Easy Grippers allow users to remove and put back without any tools. Making cleaning and maintenance as easy as 123.

Yakitori grill machine

Easy to move around

Mobile version offers integrated controls for the Automatic Griller on wheels. Allowing users to easily move it around.


Mobile model

Automatic Griller - Grills satay, yakitori and other on stick products automatically in just one round.

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Mobile model offers integrated controls and wheels. You do not need a table or counter space for the machine.

Wheels offer greater flexibility during cleaning and maintenance.

Tabletop model

Automatic Griller (tabletop) - Grills satay, yakitori and other on stick products automatically in just one round.

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Tabletop model takes up lesser vertical space, allowing you to display them on a nicely designed table or counter top.

The control panel can be mounted either below the table, counter or on a wall. Allowing the user easier access.

We have able to cater to

  • Number of grippers
  • Mobile or Tabletop

Suitable for

  • Satay
  • Yakitori
  • On stick products

Technical Specifications

No. of grippers38
No. of ceramic heaters16
Temperatureup to 650 °C maximum
Time to heat till 650 °C6 minutes
Time to cool till 31 °C45 minutes
Time for 1 cycle - slow4.5 minutes
Time for 1 cycle - medium3.5 minutes
Time for 1 cycle - fast2.5 minutes
No. of sticks per hour - slow350 sticks
No. of sticks per hour - medium550 sticks
No. of sticks per hour - fast850 sticks
Operating voltage3 phase, 415V, 50Hz
Power consumption7kW/hr
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Dimension (L x W x H)1200mm x 620mm x 1350mm


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