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Automatic Bag Fill & Seal machine

Still using hands fill your products?

Try our Automatic Bag Fill & Seal machine today.

Automatic Bag Fill & Seal is a fully automated machine for your filling and packing needs, catering to liquid, paste, cream, gel or oil products.


The lack of manpower is an ongoing struggle in the F&B industry, where many repetitive tasks are still done manually.

One such laborious task is packing food products into containers or preformed bags for distribution, OEM or self-use. 

The ABFS2.0L is capable of retrieving the bag from a dispenser, open it at the non-seal side, filling it, and sealing it before dispensing the finished bag into a collection tray or conveyor.

All with just one operator.

How it works

Automatic pre form bag fill & seal machine

Automated bag retrieval, placing, filling, sealing and lastly dispensing.


Check out our full video of the machine in action.

Video file size: 18mb (please view this over wifi)


Pick & Place

Pneumatically controlled arms retrieve pre-formed bags from the dispenser, position it towards the filling area. Suction cups open the bag in preparation for the filling while it is held in place.

Finished product collection area

Users can opt for a collection tray like the one in the picture or they can have a conveyor that delivers the finished product into the next stage of the packing.

Technical Specifications

Suitable bag sizesWidth - 180mm to 240mm
Length - 200mm to 360mm
Filling range1 to 3 liters
Fill & Pack speed1 liter - 6 to 7 bag/min
2 liter - 4 to 5 bag/min
3 liter - 2 to 3 bag/min
Bag dispenser500 bags/hold
OperationPneumatic & Electric
ControlTouch screen interface & physical button controls
Materials for machineStainless Steel 304 and 316
Dimension (L x W x H)1800mm x 550mm x 1600mm


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