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New vs Old, Automatic Skewer machine [2/3]

In part 2/3 of the upgrades to our Automatic Skewer machine, we will be cover the stick loading chamber.

The old stick loading chamber has a stainless steel cover to prevent water, dust and other things from entering, potentially contaminating the bamboo skewers inside.

We also realised that many operators removed the stainless steel cover entirely as it obstructed their viewing of the number of skewers remaining inside the chamber. Also, making the cover removable was an oversight by us, we thought that it would make it easier for operators to lift and load the skewers and replace it. We failed to consider that the heaviness of the metal cover and the lack of sight makes it unappealing to use.

Hence with the new redesign, we focused on providing sight and fixed the cover down with a hinge that allows operators to still open and close with ease but unable to remove the cover.

We used polycarbonate material for its strength and durability that allow operators to see inside the bamboo skewers remaining. The cover is can be easily lifted and closed back after topping up the bamboo skewers.

Next week, we will cover the last upgrade we did for the Automatic Skewer machine. Stay tune!

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