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New vs Old, Automatic Skewer machine [1/3]

Over 3 posts, we will cover the various upgrades to the Automatic Skewer machine, KSE-ST28.


We noticed over the years during service and repair visits to our clients using the Automatic Skewer machine that there are always moisture or water found in the control panel. Even when we installed silicone gasket at the panel entrance, it was of little use. Also we noted the ergonomics of the buttons layout was not easily access by operators when we observe them.

A summary of the issues:

  • Not water resistant
  • Not ergonomic
Old control panel design

The front panel of the controls is a separate piece of metal that is secured via screws to the metal enclosure. A silicone gasket is fixed behind the panel piece, even so water gets in.

The buttons are vertically positioned, with the lip protruding out top it is some times hard for operators to see and access.

The wirings used to pulled through externally into the main control panel located behind the machine. This allows for quicker maintenance access but the connection between the control enclosure and metal pipe is a potential water leakage point. Even if there is a silicone gasket in between.

New control panel design

We redesigned the metal enclosure to be a seamless, one piece design that can better resist water. The buttons are also repositioned to the top side of the enclosure on a sloped facade, allowing better view and easier access.

The wirings are rerouted internally, giving the machine a cleaner look. Importantly removing the potential water leak issue.

We strive to make our machines user friendly and we are always looking out for feedbacks and observing our clients to find flaws or areas to improve. Ultimately, machines should help to assist users to increase productivity and consistency and not make them feel burden to use it.

For more information about our Automatic Skewer, please visit here. If you are keen to find out more about seeing or testing the machine at our facility, please contact us here.

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