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MSG series

KSE’s MSG series provide you with machines for Marinating, Skewering and Grilling of your meat or seafood product.


Vacuum Tumbler / KSE-VM60, uses vacuum technology coupled with tumbling capability to give results comparable or better than traditional marination methods in just 20-40 minutes.


Automatic Skewer / Tabletop Skewering machine are fast and precise automated skewering machine for Satay and Yakitori primarily.

It is also suitable to skewer meatballs, vegetables, prawns, basically anything that needs skewering.


Automatic Griller / KSE-GL40 (M/T) grills your Satay or Yakitori completely in just one round automatically.

Using ceramic heaters that reaches temperatures of 650°C, coupled with selectable speed control of slow, medium or fast mode, it will be able to completely grill your product.

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