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Filling series

KSE’s Filling series provide you with machines for your various filling needs. Be it from low to high viscosity, liquid, cream, paste or oil products, our fillers will be able to fill it.

Volumetric Filling

Volumetric Filler is a pneumatically operated volumetric filler that fills liquid, paste or cream product from mid to high viscosity.

The working principle is the same as a syringe. Product is drawn into the chamber and push out by force.

    Servo Filling

    Servo Pump Filler is an unlimited and precise filling machine for liquid, cream and oil. Using servo motor technology, we are able to control the precision of the filling.

    Not only that, we are able to control the speed and splash during the filling process.

    Servo Hose Filling

    Is an unlimited and precise filling machine for sensitive or requires highly hygiene filling process.

    Servo motor is used to rotate the hose pump, creating a suction force that draws product from the hopper or container. The product is then push out from the other end. Only the hose is in contact with the product at all time.

    Making it very sanitary.

    Weight Filler (Drum, Tin & Pail filling machine)

    Is a precise liquid or oil filling machine for drum or tin. It features 2 filling mode – top to bottom or bottom to top filling. This reduces the creation of bubbles during the filling process.

    The filling is controlled via weight, i.e once the pre-set weight is achieved, the filling stops.

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