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Cooker series

Multi-Function Cookers, Processed Cheese Cookers, & More

KSE’s Cooker series provide you with machines for cook your products.

Using direct, jacket steam heating and electrical powered heating, our cookers are able to process liquid, cream or paste products.

Basically any product that requires cooking.

Multi Function Steam Cooker

The Multi Function Steam Cookers (MFSC) are multi purpose cookers that uses steam directly or indirectly together with vacuum technology to cook your product.

Equipped with cutting blades of varying sharpness and scrapper to ensure your ingredients are nicely diced and mixed.

Multi Function Cooker

The Multi Function Cookers (MFC) are multi purpose cookers that uses heat from thermal oil or steam indirectly with vacuum technology to cook your product.

Kettle Mixer Cooker

Is a simple and easy to use cooker with mixer. It can be used for soup, sauce, medicine, or any liquid based products. Commonly used for processed cheese.

It features a U-shaped scrapper that goes along the bottom and side of the kettle, allowing it to mix the product uniformly. The mixer comes with 3 variable speed controls – slow, medium and fast.

Heating is via jacketed heating either by steam or electrical heaters.

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