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Marinate, Skewer & Grill (MSG) series

KSE’s MSG series provide you with machines to marinate, skewer or grill your meat or seafood products.


Vacuum Tumbler / KSE-VM60, uses vacuum technology coupled with tumbling capability to give results comparable or better than traditional marination methods in just 20-40 minutes.


Automatic Skewer / KSE-ST28 is a fast and precise automated skewering machine for Satay and Yakitori primarily.

It is also suitable to skewer meatballs, vegetables, prawns, basically anything that needs skewering.


Automatic Griller / KSE-GL40 (M/T) grills your Satay or Yakitori completely in just one round automatically.

Using ceramic heaters that reaches temperatures of 650°C, coupled with selectable speed control of slow, medium or fast mode, it will be able to completely grill your product.

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Filling series

KSE’s Filling series provide you with machines for your various filling needs. Be it from low to high viscosity, liquid, cream, paste or oil products, our fillers will be able to fill it.

Volumetric filling machine

Pneumatically operated volumetric filler that fills liquid, paste or cream product from medium to high viscosity range.

Consistent and accurate filling, simple and easy to use and maintain.

    Servo filling machine

    Unlimited and precise filling machine for liquid, paste, cream and oil using servo motor technology.

    Not only we can control the accuracy of the filling, the speed, we are also able to save multiple filling settings for different product into the machine for future use.

      Peristaltic Filling machine

      Unlimited and precise filler for sensitive or requires highly hygiene filling process using peristaltic pump technology.

      Servo motor rotates the peristaltic pump, creating a suction force that draws product from a hopper or container. The product is then push out from the other end. Only the hose is in contact with the product at all time.

      Making it very sanitary.

      Net Weight Filling machine

      Precise net or gross weight filler. Filling is based on a preset weight, i.e if you set 10kg, it will fill 10kg with a +/- 1% accuracy.

      Can be adapted for tin, pail and drum filling or any regular container.

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      Cooker series

      KSE’s Cooker series provide you with machines for process your products.

      Using direct or jacket steam heating, our cookers are able to process soup, paste, cheese, sauces, etc. Any product that requires heating.

      Multi Function Steam Cooker

      The Multi Function Steam Cookers (MFSC) are multi purpose cookers that uses steam directly or indirectly together with vacuum technology to cook your product.

      Kettle Mixer Cooker

      Is a simple and easy to use cooker with mixer. It can be use for soup, sauce, medicine or any liquid based product.

      It features a U-shaped scrapper that goes along the bottom and side of the kettle, allowing it to mix the product uniformly. The mixer comes with 3 variable speed controls – slow, medium and fast.

      Heating is via jacketed heating either by steam or electrical heaters.

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