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Machines available for viewing or testing.

So far, we have been introducing the various machines we have. Like the function, capability and suitability of our range of machine.

We have most of the machine in our factory for viewing or even live testing with your products. What better way to understand if the machine is suitable for you then testing it? It’s like buying a car, you don’t buy it until you test drive it to be sure it fits what you want.

Pork bone soup, traditionally it takes around 20 hours to achieve the white, milky consistency. With our Multi Function Steam Cooker, it only took 3 hours to achieve the same result.

Here at Kong Shiang Engineering, we encourage our clients to test their products with our machine to better understand its suitability and functionality. If the machine is not suitable, we can then advise on the next suitable one. We are not a 100% sure that all product will work with our machine, hence we always test it out with our machine prior to getting our clients to commit. That way, our clients has more confidence in us and our machine as well.

Feel free to ask us if there is any machine on our website you are keen to see or test.

Call us at +65 6747 0269

Email us at enquiry@kse.com.sg

Looking forward to hear from you!

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