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Kettle Mixer

What is a kettle mixer? Simply, a tank with heating feature, scraper and controls for liquid based product heating and mixing.

Our Kettle Mixer are double jacketed. Water has to be added into the jacket reservoir to provide conduction for the heat to transmit. Heating is done either via direct steam injection or electrical heaters mounted within the water reservoir.

Directing steam injection heating:


Steam is generated from an external boiler or generator and piped into the jacket of the Kettle Mixer. The steam will circulate around the circumference of the jacket, effectively heating the entire tank. Key advantage of this type of heating is the speed, as steam is at 100°C when it enters the jacket. Thus able to transmit heat into the product within the tank faster.


Steam generation requires an external steam boiler or generator. Thus you will need another machine.

Electrical Heaters


This method of heating does not require additional, external equipment to generate heat. Heating coils mounted into the water reservoir heats the water directly. Making it easy and simpler to use and maintain.


Heating coils heat up the water to the set temperature at the temperature controller. Then heat is conducted via the water in the reservoir to the product within the tank. Heating is slower as it takes time to heat up a larger volume of water.


Scraper is available to help mix and ensure the heat is evenly spread out to the product within the tank. Agitation speed can be adjusted via the control panel.


The controls have 2 options for user. A HMI and non-HMI version.


With the HMI feature, user can store multiple cooking recipes within the memory function and easily recall them out to use anytime. Also feature like time based cooking can be activate. For example, you can set the Kettle Mixer to start heating and agitation from 10pm to 8am the next day. Or anytime duration you fancy. This allows the user to be free to perform other tasks.

Kettle Mixer Cooker - Jacket heating transfer cooking, powered by steam or electrical heaters

Non-HMI version:

Simpler, easy to use. Control the heating, agitation and duration with the various controls available on the panel. Basic but it covers everything necessary.

How it works:

Put water in manually or automatically and add your product ingredients into the tank. Simply set the desire temperature, speed, duration and start the program. Once the process is completed, it will sound an alarm to notify the user. The product can then be drain out via a drain valve located at the bottom of the tank. Or you can have it pump out.

Do visit our Kettle Mixer to read more about this machine!


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