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Filling machines by KSE

1 big speciality of KSE is our filling machines. Over the years we have developed and launched many different variety.

Our fillers are broadly categorised into the following:

  1. Servo
  2. Volumetric
  3. Weight
  4. Fill & Seal

We will cover the various section each week.

This week we will kickoff with “Servo” filling range. In this range, we have 2 distinct models, the lobe and peristaltic pump range.

Lobe pump range consist of the following:

01 – Gentle pumping with low shear

The Servo Pump Fillers are excellent for medium to high viscosity product filling. The gentle pump actions of the lobe pump ensures that the product is exposed to minimal shearing force during the filling process which some products are sensitive to.

02 – Able to fill product with particles

That being said, Servo Pump Fillers can fill product with particles, i.e peanut sauce with bits and pieces of peanuts, or sambal chill sauce and more. We would recommend pairing the filling machine with an agitator if the product tends to have separation or the particles are prone to sinking. An agitator will ensure a more evenly blended sauce during the entire filling process.

While the peristaltic pump range includes:

01 – Highly accurate filling

The Servo Hose Fillers on the other hand excels in low to medium viscosity product filling. Able to fill even the most minute fill accurately, the pump is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

02 – Fast change over, easy to clean

We adopted it to be used in the food industry, not only because of its accuracy but of its ease of cleaning and low change over time during product change. The Servo Hose Filler can be prepare for new product fill in as fast as under 2 minutes, making it very desirable for client with high product range.


Both range of filling machines has memory capabilities, allowing user to store multiple filling parameters within and recall them easily in the future. Parameters include:

  • Filling volume
  • Filling speed
  • Filling interval during Auto mode

All the above parameters can be adjusted to suit the requirement of the filling. For example, filling speed can be lowered to reduce foaming of certain liquid during filling.

The set parameters can be locked via a password to prevent any changes and access only be supervisor.

Both filling machines are servo motor driven. A highly precision motor capable of accurate and fast stopping and accelerating actions. Which is why we incorporate that into our Servo Filler range.

Demo available

We have both the Servo Pump Filler and Servo Hose Filler available for testing with your product at our office. So why not make one today? Call us at 6747 0269 or email us at enquiry@kse.com.sg to make an appointment.


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