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Are you a local company?

Yes. We are a home grown company from Singapore, with over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience when it comes to food machinery

We have established a strong client base in not only Singapore, South East Asia but also parts of Europe over the years.

Our machines and commercial kitchen equipment are from Singapore. We fabricate, manufacture and assemble them right here on the sunny island with our team of experienced specialists.

We take great pride in every step of the production to produce high quality machines. Our production involves, Designing & Prototyping → Material & Component sourcing → Machining & Wielding → Assembly → Factory testing & Q.C before we deliver our client’s machine to their doorstep.

Where are the machines from?

What is your machine range?

Our range of machines and F&B kitchen equipment cover various processes such as

  • Preparation
  • Processing
  • Filling

in the Food & Beverage (F&B), petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our machines provide automation to our client’s operation, increasing their productivity and quality.

Our machines can either function as a production line system, part of a production line or as independent equipment.

Yes we do. Our customisation ranges from modifying our standard machines, to conceptualising and fabricating new machine(s) tailored to help our client.

Our machines are all hand built, and built to order.

Customised machine will take much longer time to manufacture and deliver. It has to go through various discussions with the client, followed by conceptualising and prototyping of the machine prior to manufacturing.

Do you customize machines?

Where do you supply your machines to?

We supply our machines to both local and overseas market, typically in the South East Asian region such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia.

In recent years, we even supply to the United States, parts of Europe and Saudi Arabia!

Our customers are mainly food manufacturers, caterers and restaurant owners that ranges from small to regional distributions as our machines are suitable for the preparation, production and packing of food.

We have clients from the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well. They require precise or hygiene filling processes that our machines can fulfil.

Who are your customers?

How do you work with your clients?

We seek to establish a working synergy with our clients.

Through our website, clients can find first hand, comprehensive information on our machines and services. 

Alternatively, we welcome clients to arrange discussions and machine trials with us to aid us in understanding their problems and requirements. So we can better offer or brainstorm for solutions.

If our standard range of machine have nothing that suit your needs, don’t worry. We are able to offer custom machine(s) for you.

Typically, a customised project would undergo the following phases:

  • Problem sharing
  • Discussions and demonstrations with existing machines
  • Conceptualising & Prototyping
  • Trial run with products
  • Machine fabrication
  • Factory acceptance test
  • Delivery and installation
  • Commissioning and training

After the training is completed, the project is rendered a closure and a follow-up would be conducted between 2-4 working weeks to ensure the smooth transition.

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