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Drop by our factory for a testing with our machines today!

We believe in having our customer try their products with our machines before committing.

It is during trials we are able to observe if the machine is suitable or requires modification to suit the client’s requirement. Or we will build a whole new custom machine, tailored specifically to your needs.

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Demo machine of the week

We will be holding demo sessions for our machines. Do come by our factory to experience first hand how you can use our machines to improve your operation.


  • 24th November 2015, Saturday
  • 11am
  • Ubi Road 1, Block 3015, #01-236, S408704

Automatic Griller (tabletop)

Automatic Griller (tabletop) – KSE-GL40T grills your satay or yakitori in just one round. Using ceramic heaters that reaches temperatures of 650 °C, couple with selectable speed control of slow, medium or fast mode, it will be able to completely grill your product.

The aim of Automatic Griller is to eliminate the need for additional grilling. This translate to time and labour savings as well as a faster and higher output.

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