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Multi Function Steam Cooker

Replicating the various methods used during conventional cooking. The cooker has an enclosed cooking environment with partial vacuum. Heating via steam directly or indirectly. ...

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Kettle Mixer

What is a kettle mixer? Simply, a tank with heating feature, scraper and controls for liquid based product heating and mixing. Our Kettle Mixer are ...

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Weight Filler

As the name suggest, it is a filling machine via weigh. For example, a weight of 500grams is set, the machine will dispense 500grams. ...

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Volumetric Filler

This week, we will be covering the next range of filing machine by KSE. The volumetric filling machine. We have 2 sub category within ...

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Filling machines by KSE

1 big speciality of KSE is our filling machines. Over the years we have developed and launched many different variety. Our fillers are broadly categorised ...

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Tabletop Skewer machine

The smaller, electrically operated and table top size skewering machine. Easily fitting into any production space to increase productivity and quality of your satay, ...

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