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Automatic Skewer – Part 2

Happy Chinese New Year all! We are finally back from the good long break, and today is the first day of work! We hope everyone had a good rest as well.

Previously, we introduced our Automatic Skewer machine. Skewering satay, yakitori or any on-stick product automatically at high speed and precision. Capable of up to 1,000 sticks per hour or so.

Today we will be covering the various features that makes the machine so fast and precise.

Specially crafted mould

Automatic Skewer - Automatic skewer for satay, yakitori and other on stick products.

Our moulds are custom fitted to suit our client’s product. We will craft the mould as per the product dimensions, so that the bamboo skewers always skewers right in the center.

Skewering in the center is important as it allows for even grilling on both sides. That way we can ensure minimal exposure to heat, thus retaining the juiciness of the meat as much as possible.

We have a few default mould designs, for satay, yakitori, kebab, and more.

Skewer in place

Our unique design featuring a top and bottom clamping mould mechanism allows for the product to be held in place during the skewering process. This ensures that the product does not move around, enabling a smooth and precise skewer.

Automatic Skewer - Automatic skewer for satay, yakitori and other on stick products.

If not, the product will all be pushed forward, resulting in unsightly and short skewers. Then extra work needs to be done to rectify it.

Automated Skewering

The skewering process is triggered via a sensor that detects for the presence of product on the mould, i.e if there is no product, no skewering.

Once it senses a product, it will activate the skewering mechanism. The top and bottom moulds come together and the skewering cylinder will push the bamboo sticks into the product.


As automated and fast the machine is, the meat or product placement is still manually done. Operator has to place the meat/product onto the bottom moulds via hand. Only after will the machine finish the job.

Why still manual some might ask? For those experience in cutting meat for satay or yakitori will know that some meat for example chicken thigh can be pretty tricky to get an even cut. With such a large degree of variation, to automated meat dispensing onto the mould is very difficult to achieve.

Alternatively, we decided that we can automated at least the skewering part which is very time consuming and potentially painful with hands. This process alone allows operators to churn out even more skewers per batch.

Do visit the Automatic Skewer page to read more about the machine!

Next week…

Next week we will introduce the younger brother of the Automatic Skewer, the Tabletop Skewer machine. Similar in function, but less than half the size of the machine.

Stay tune!


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