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Automatic Skewer machine for Satay, Yakitori and more.

Our Automatic Skewer machine moulds are all custom tailored to our client’s product dimensions. We take the average height and divide it between the top and bottom mould. This allows the skewer to penetrate the meat as centrally as possible.

Doing so allows even heat distribution to the meat when grilling it. Simply spend the same amount of time on both side you will have an even grill. Instead of having to keep track of the doneness with uneven skewered meat.

Our machine takes the pain literally out of skewering the meat onto bamboo sticks. Popular amongst Asia are Satay, Kushiyaki, Kebabs and much more. Most are skewered by hand and with the sharp pointed tip of the bamboo sticks, often or not you will be wary and slow down while skewering meat through.

With the Automatic Skewer machine, the skewering is automated. So operators will just have to place the meat onto the moulds and the machine finishes the rest.

Watch the video for a clearer understanding on how the Automatic Skewer machine works!

Demo or trials with the machine is available in Singapore, feel free to make an appointment with us by calling us at 6747 0269 or email us at enquiry@kse.com.sg.


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