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Available in 2 models.
Custom options available.

Automatic Griller

Grills your Satay or Yakitori automatically in just one round. Using ceramic heaters that reaches temperatures of 650 °C, together with 3 speed control of slow, medium or fast, it will be able to completely grill your product in just 1 turn.

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Available in 4 models.

Multi Function Steam Cooker

Uses direct steam injection heating, double jacketed steam transfer heating, low to high speed cutting, mixing and vacuum technology to process food.

Equipped with modern touch screen controls with storable settings for your various recipes, anyone can operate the machine with ease.

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Available in 1 models.

Multi Function Cooker

Uses heat indirectly from thermal oil or steam together with vacuum technology to cook or process your food.

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Available in 2 models.
Custom options available.

Kettle Mixer

Utilise heat transfer principle for the cooking process. Water in the double jacket tank is heat up via electrical heaters or steam and transferred to the product inside the tank. Equipped with agitator for mixing and stirring.

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